rotating daylily rust fungicides

e2008September 7, 2013

Several web sites recommend rotating between a contact fungicide and a systemic fungicide to avoid creating a rust resistant rust. I believe they said Heritage was prone to this problem and should not be used more than three times in succession before using a fungicide with a different mode of action like a contact fungicide..

If the rust is present within the leaf rotating to a contact fungicide would not seem to work and the rotation should be to a systemic with a different mode of action.
Does anyone have more information on this.

Also I believe one site said Heritage was not a vertical rising systemic but moved more transversly like from the top of a leaf to the underside.

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I'm of the same opinion, that rotation should be between at least two systemic fungicides that have proven effective (at least to some extent) against rust spores.
You can get information about daylily rust and recommendations for treatment from the AHS website (link below). I also believe you are correct in your assessment of the systemic action for some fungicides.

Here is a link that might be useful: AHS

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