ID please?

kitsterApril 4, 2013

This hoya was sold with a tag stating that it was an Obscura 'Major', which was fine by me since I love the foliage. Now it's in bloom and I don't think these are Obscura flowers. Opinions anyone?

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Photo of the blooms

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Sure looks like obscura to me. If it's the color of the blooms that is worrying you, don't let it. Bloom color is not a reliable identification method, as it changes depending on the conditions the plant is growing in, and can also vary among different collections of the same species.

If you Google Hoya obscura, you'll find plenty of people who have pale colored blooms like yours. My obscura is a white form, too. You can see a picture of it in bloom here.

Sorry if I misjudged your reasons for doubt - I'm just guessing.

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No misjudgement. I bought this from a 'new' vendor to me in the San Diego area and was just wondering if their ID's were correct.

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