Hoya/dischidia repot, gritty mix

ozarkia(6b-ish)April 4, 2013

Hey y'all,

I'm a newbie to hoya & co., but I've been having great results with mixes of Turface, grower's grit, and pine bark.

I've had an EA H. carnosa since late summer of '11 that I foolishly and hastily over-potted into more crappy peat soil. Despite me, luckily, it's gone from two shriveled leaves on the clearance rack to about 10 feet of vines, but I'd love to correct my mistakes.

Rumor has it that Hoyas resent root disturbance more than a lot of other plants, eh? I've gotten fairly comfortable with un-potting and root pruning spider plants, Sansevieria, Crassula ovata, pothos, aloe, Maranta leuconeura, etc.

So is cleaning off the old soil, perhaps pruning the roots, and down-potting the carnosa into a 6" with some version of gritty mix likely to destroy the plant? If I want to switch soils, would I be better off rooting cuttings?

Same goes for a Dischidia ovata I have -- it's in a brick of compacted peat that's either bone dry or sopping wet (which would be especially difficult to remove). I've found a watering method that doesn't seem to bother it, but the situation seems unsustainable. Would I be better off trying to start over with cuttings, or could I try to pull off a gritty mix makeover?

Thanks so much for any advice.

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I think you should go for the makeover! I do think some Hoyas are bothered by repotting, but not to the extent that you would be better off starting from scratch (since they're in good shape now). Carnosa and ovata are hardy, unfussy species.

Besides, it's spring, so your intervention is well timed. I'm sure some strategic pruning will just serve to further stoke their burst of warm weather growth.

Nice hearing from you and good luck!

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Ah, excellent! Thanks for the advice, the kind wishes of luck, and vote of confidence (in the plan, and the toughness of the plants).

There is active growth on the plants right now, humidity is up, and we've got lows in the 55-60F range predicted next week, so I'll start kicking them outdoors pretty soon. Do you think it's imperative to wait until they're acclimated to the outdoors and the growth spurt has kicked in completely, or could I get away with doing it sooner? I look forward to pruning, too. I tell myself the answer is "PATIENCE!" but I keep eyeing it anyway. There's other plants scheduled for bare rooting that I can control myself regarding until June. Thoughts?

Thanks again!

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I think you should do it right away. Plants start sensing the change in the seasons way before the warm weather has set in. Thus, Hoyas start becoming easier to root very early in the spring, when it's still snowy (here, anyway). So, no need to wait at all. Get them all set up in your stellar medium and let them start benefiting from it, in conjunction with the better light and rainwater. As long as you're transitioning them to outdoor settings gradually, it won't be too much stress and drama for them to handle.

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Ozarkia, have you repotted your hoya? I am curious how it went and how it's doing now.

I repotted/divided a couple different EA hoyas a couple months ago, also into gritty mix, and it's been a bumpy ride. I think they'll pull through though because there are signs of new growth. There are a couple of threads here describing my experience.

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