Hoya imperialis

puglvr1(9b central FL)April 23, 2011

I wanted to share some pictures of H.imperialis...definitely some pretty big flowers for a hoya. One of my favorites...but the plant takes up a lot of space.

Also my Desert Rose is blooming too...I "pugged",lol...(pruned) it severely in January...its finally looking like a Desert rose again.

Kelly, is your desert rose cutting still doing okay?

David(peanut01) you asked for a couple of pictures...I hope yours is doing well.

Thanks for looking and sharing them with me.


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Nancy.....They are both just simply beautiful!

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Pug, OMG They are so beautiful.The change in your before and after photo of your desert rose is unreal.

Thanks for sharing your photos,


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kellyknits(6/WV Eastern Panhandle)

WOW to both! Oh my gosh! My desert rose is hanging in there! Wonder if it's too late to prune mine.... What do you think, Nancy?

The imperialis is stunning! Do you know what variety it is?


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Happy Easter, Nancy & All!

Nancy, your Hoya imperialis and Adenium blooms are absolutely gorgeous.

Will you do me a favor? I once read, H. Imperialis blooms were the largest of all Hoyas. I don't know if it's myth, an opinion, or truth.

Will you please measure the largest flower/s? I'm curious anyway, even if is a myth.
You also said the plant takes a lot of room...how much room did you mean? What's its height and width?

Your Adenium is amazing. Nancy, is there a reason you cut back? Does pruning promote flowers?
How much do you prune? And which parts? What about roots?

Nancy, you know I love viewing your plants. So, please continue posting. Toni

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I think the larget flower either belongs to H. gigas or H. lauterbachii - both from mysterious New Guniea.

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It's gorgeous. Does it have a fragrance?

I have two imperalis that I received as seedlings about two years ago, I can't wait until they grow up.

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Thanks SO much you guys!!

Kelly, I think its fine if you prune your Desert rose cutting now...Spring is a good time to prune them. I'm not positive what variety this Imperialis is...I got it as a 3 leaf cutting Nov. '08. I had Mike(ONT)ID it for me a little over 2 years ago, since the lady I got it from wasn't positive of the ID.

Toni, I attached some pictures of the size...I don't believe Imperialis is the largest hoya flowers...maybe H. lauterbachii but I don't have that one. For me Imperialis is the biggest hoya blooms I've ever seen in person. I trim my Desert rose only because I like to keep them from getting leggy...I like it more rounded and compact. I honestly don't think there's a wrong way to prune them. Yes, I have pruned the roots at least twice since I've had it. I'm not positive but for me...pruning them does seem to promote a lot more blooms.

A few more of the buds opened this morning...

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Nancy both plants are truly stunning. It's interesting that the imperalis blooms that opened last are darker. Do you think this is maybe a temperature related issue or do the blooms tend to fade to a lighter colour as they age?

I wish I had the space to try growing Adenium and Plumeria but during the winter I would have a difficult time finding a spot for them once all the plants come in.

Good Growing!


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Pug, What can I say but WOW!!!Your imperialis must love your care.
Mike,I am trying my hand at trying to grow a plumeria.I got it last spring,I sure hope the plant grows this year.


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All I have to say to this thread is:






Great job, Pug! Makes me realize you really have to choose your imperialis color carefully since it grows so big. I definitely think you scored in that regard!

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Absolutely stunning Pug! OK, how do you grow it? When I see a plant as georgeous as yours I must ask if you do anything unusual! So tell all! =)

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Renee, sorry I forgot to answer your question about the fragrance...Yes, it has a very nice fragrance but because I grow mine outside its not as strong as I think it would be if I had it in a closed room. But I do love the fragrance...very sweet and pretty!

Thanks Mike, you know that's a good question about the differences in color. I'm not sure if its temperature related but it does have variances in colors...I notice that it gets a little darker once it opens. This one definitely takes up a LOT of space...that's why I grow it outside most of the year.

Thanks Cindy!! Good luck with your Plumeria!

GG, Thank you! I think I did alright with the color too...pure luck!

Thanks Debbie, I attached a link below from another thread where I posted how I grow my Imperialis...HTH.

Here is a link that might be useful: Imperialis thread...

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Cindy please let me know how your Plumeria does.


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