Is this a Hoya Peduncle??

rmcandlelightApril 12, 2014

Hi guys,

I purchased a Hoya Mrs. G cutting a month ago. I potted it on 3/13/14. Today 4/12/14 I noticed which looks like a peduncle. Could this hoya be in bloom already?

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That is a peduncle, alright. Enjoy! :) :)

I had never heard of "Hoya Mrs. G" before. I guess CB tentatively identifies this plant as a Hoya australis ssp. tenuipes.

You'll have to post pictures when it blooms. :)

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If it is ssp. tenuipes, you will certainly enjoy the fragrance! It's intoxicating. Kind of spicey-sweet, I'd call it. Congrats!

Denise in Omaha

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That's a good description. I like Hoyas that have that distinctive spicy fragrance. I didn't know flowers could smell like that before.

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