H. Curtisii, young leaves

plantsaremylife_grow(5b)April 6, 2010

Hi everyone. This is my first post on the hoya forum. This is such a great group of people and so knowledgeable!!

Today I bought a pot of H. Curtisii and its so healthy. Its from EA. Any way, I was wondering about the new leaves. There are several dozens of new young leaves and they are yellow and orange and even brown(not rotted or burned or dehydrated). Will they turn to that beautiful green and spotted leave. The new leaves dont fall of if touched liked on other hoyas if the young leaves abort. They are definitely stiff and still much attached to the plant. Ive never posted a picture and sometime hope to attempt to do it. Hopefully someone can give me some insight on this stunning hoya!!!Kyle

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Hi Kyle welcome to the forum.

I have never seen new leaves on my Hoya curtisii any colour than green unless they are about to fall off. I had seen many leaves fall off of my potted Hoya curtsii when I over watered it and they turned yellow/orange and then fell off shortly after.
How developed are the leaves on your plant?

If you open a photo account with a site like Flickr or Photobucket it is easy to post photos on the site.


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Kyle---I know exactly what you're talking about...my EA curtisii's new leaves are also yellow and a sort of rust red in sunlight...they do indeed turn green and white as they mature...I think this is a slightly different clone of curtisii, since the one I had before, like Mike's, never had those rusty, chocolate-y new leaves...I think it's pretty, although every now and then I catch sight of it across the room and panic, thinking it's going down the tubes; but it stays perfectly happy and healthy, so don't worry :-)


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Thanks for the welcome Mike and Shelley!!!!
Well that gives me some relief Shelley. I also catch it across the room and panic when the light hits it just right. I'll be on the watch for falling leaves. Hopefully I'll figure out a picture. The plant is so beautiful and its ashame not to share a pic;)!!!Kyle

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