hoya compacta trouble

gardensnail22April 25, 2010

Help! My huge hoya compacta is loosing leaves and I can't figure out what is wrong. It is 13' long or longer. It has been in the same window and watered the same way for years. The leaves are yellowing and falling off starting at the pot and working their way down the stem. Oh Yeah, it's gonna bloom too!! When I noticed it about 6 weeks ago I repotted in a larger pot because I know its usually too much or too little water. There was still dirt and the roots looked fine. The first few weeks after watering it seemed to stop happening but now they are falling off again. I am lost. Any suggestions??? I water once a week with VF-11. Thanks Jane

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Jan Sword

Hi Jane, I am sorry to hear your huge compacta is having problem. I don't think it needed to re pot if there were dirt left when you transplanted. Maybe getting too much water, I would put it back in original container if it was mine and keep the roots drier for awhile but misting the leaves.
Good luck!


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Jane...personally, I would water the plant heavily with a solution of BATS...not only would this rid your plant of any pests, it contains fertilizer that would be beneficial to your plant. As David has stated in previous posts, H. compacta needs more water than people generally suggest. You may not see any evidence of mealies, but they could be attacking the roots...so, to be on the safe side, I'd water it heavily with the BATS, and do so immediately, then do not water for a full 10 days. Since David's advice to water more heavily, my compacta has become a "show piece". Wishing you good fortune with this lovely hoya!! Fondly, Patrick

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