Propegating a Hindu Rope

miss_jApril 1, 2010

I have had my plant for 1 1/2 years. It sits in a southern window and it has great drainage. It's never bloomed, but last fall did grow some deep red leaves near the soil.

It has 3 branches, one is 16", fuzzy on the end and grows like a weed with leaves at the end frequently; one is 6", has a dried end that looks like it used to be fuzzy; and the last one is 2" and has no end on it at all, looking more like it was snapped off. All the branches are healthy, green and look robust.

I know nothing about propegating and don't want to just cut off the only growing branch, killing it or the rest of the plant. I wanted to to even out the plant in the pot, which I believed would involve the 16" inch branch, but if it's best to leave things alone, that's what I'll do.

Can someone provide me with some direction or suggestions?

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It's very easy to start new cuttings from that plant. Just decide where you want to make the cuts (you can do more than one cut on each long piece if you want). I learned here if you mark the cut end with a sharpie you won't forget which end is the bottom. This helps to get the right end in the soil. Then remove a few of the leaves so there is enough to stick in the soil. Put that end in a small pot (I use 2 oz dixi cups) of well moistened soil. Place the pot in a zip lock bag (blow air into the bag to inflate) and set it in a bright spot (no direct light) until it roots. You will know when it has roots when you see new growth.

You can also put the cut ends in spagnum moss that has been moistened and the wrap a small baggie around the moss.

Both methods should be kept moist and you can do this by misting inside the bag.

They should root fairly fast this time of year. And once they have roots you can move them into the pot with the mamma plant.

Good luck, you'll do just fine.


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