John.49(9)April 24, 2012

Can someone tell me how to put a picture of my hoya on here. I am new and love this site. I have one that I don't know the name.


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Welcome John

To post a photo you first need to upload it to a photo hosting site. My personal favorite is Flickr but Photobucket is also popular. Flickr has its own interest groups including a Hoya group do there is lots to see and do there beyond your own photos.
Once you upload your photo you can go to share, copy the HTML code and then paste it into your message here.


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Thanks Mike this is so helpful. I live in Zone 9 Largo, FL and my Lanai is going to be full of Hoyas, love the plant. Retired and ready to garden. I have gardened for many years. Love this site and you guys are so helpful. Oh yes, can someone tell me a good site to buy hanging pots.
Thanks John

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Hi John,

SRQhoyas is a good choice, Joni is a very kind person and has beautiful hoyas.

Try and she lives in Florida also.

Good luck

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Welcome, John. I'm so happy to hear that you are gearing up to fill your Lanai with Hoyas. If you check out the pictures on Joni's site, you'll see that she is using her pool patio in much the same way. Maybe you'll get some inspiration. ;)

Unfortunately, no Lanai for me, but at least I have the Hoyas. I stuck my head in an aquarium the other day and tho nothing was blooming atm, there was just that SMELL of Hoyas growing. Better than fresh baked cookies!

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