Put Dream Queen to rest today. 19 confirmed coming back.

Brandys_garden(6)March 21, 2014

The hosta guy that helps me out came by today. 19 confirmed still OK and coming back. But, Dream Queen did not make it. :( I was kind of prepared... I had read from others that she is hard and temperamental. He said it looked like crown rot to him. I've never lost one before. That is what I am taking the hardest.

Whee has emerged, you can see 3 eyes so far starting to poke out. The 5 baby U. Medio Variegatas are showing signs of life and taking on. So far, U. Albomarginata, Luna Moth, Whee, Fortunei Hyacinthina , Blue Mouse Ears, and the 5 U. Medio Variegatas are emerging.

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bernd ny zone5

I have 2 h.'Dream Queen' growing outside in the ground which has a slight slope. I believe you have your hostas in pots, so perhaps there was water on the surface with the medium in the pot still frozen which seems to cause rot. In cold zones in winter we tip outside pots on a side to prevent water standing on top of hosta crowns. Bernd

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Lost my Dream Queen last year, Brandy. Not going to replace her since I have other beautiful Queens willing to grow. My preference is for Fragrant Queen, or Dancing Queen.

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Yea that is what my hosta guy said, too. But, she's gone. My first and it sucks. But, I counted emerging eyes on Albomarginata and I counted 25 so far!!! She is going to be magnificent this year!! Luna Moth has 4 and I think a 5th one coming through. Wheee has 3 that I see and I think I felt maybe 2 more? Yay!!!

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josephines123 z5 ON Canada

Well, Brandy...looks like the Dream Queen saga continues as mine too, succumbed to rot. It was one of eight I brought indoors to break dormancy. When I uncovered the roots, they were soft and mushy. Sigh...but on the upside, the rest of them are doing fine!

It's sunny and bright outdoors here in Ontario...we will ignore the cold!
Happy Sunday, All! :-)

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I am so sorry, Josephine! I am not going to replace her with another dream queen, though. I am thinking of ordering from Hallson's Gardens, Avocado and Rainbows End for sure. I got the pots for them today. And I have Dream Queens pot all washed out good so I have one for the bonus one, as well.

I was worried because it got really cold last night. But they seem to be fine. I just wish mother nature would make up her mind already!

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josephines123 z5 ON Canada

I sure agree with you....no more Dream Queens....I'm glad you are getting Rainbow's End as I really like my new one...the flower scape is a pretty pink/mauve tinge and looks just great with the hosta leaves. It is quite attractive as a mature specimen. Avocado is a fragrant - great choice. I am aiming for all of Guacamole's relatives so Avocado is definitely on the list! :-)

I'm so glad you have a very high hosta survival rate! Way to go, girl!!!

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I liked it (Rainbows End) and I almost got it but I didn't because it is a small or mini hosta. I like my BME but it is very slow growing and being worth it. However, I know Hallson's sells them at more impressive ages so this year, I think I will be adding a few more very impressive and different small or mini hostas! Any ideas or suggestions anyone?

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The pic is of the new pots I bought at Home Depot the other day for Avocado and Rainbows End. The one on the far left is Dream Queens pot of another hosta (the bonus).

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Check out 'Candy Dish' available at Hallson Gardens. It's pretty small. I think it looks pretty awesome.

Another fragrant idea is 'Stained Glass' It's a beautiful hosta, and it's flowers stink really nice!

Don B.

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