Roots on cutting question

peanut01(7VA)April 19, 2011

Hello everyone. I just received a 3 leaved cutting in a trade. All the leaves are individuals at different nodes. There is obviously an up and a down. But there were roots on the top and the bottom of the cutting. I originally planted it as a loop with both rooted areas under soil. After a few days I thought this was sill so I just cutting the loop in the middle and now have one rooted cutting which is upside down and another which is right side up. What should I expect from these cuttings? Standard growth on the right side up cutting but I am unsure about the other. Will it start a new point of growth from the soil or will the cut vine grow?

Any ideas anyone? I certainly remember GGs thread with the plant growing out the bottom of the pot so I wouldn't put that past this plant as well.


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Hi David
Recently I received a cutting that had all the leaves off and I had no idea which end to plant and could not lay it flat so I stuck both ends into the hydo clay balls and I hoped for the best.Well that cutting did root on both ends and is growing from both ends.I can now see which way is the right way because the growth on the wrong end is growing down and is now trying to grow up to correct its self.Its still the rooting chamber but when I go to pot it up I will most likely cut it in the middle.I am sure any new growth you get on the upside down cutting will correct its self.


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I would suggest laying the cutting on the surface of the potting mix and allowing it to root along it's length. You may have to weigh or use something to hold the cutting down but you will get a better root system and more growth with this approach. You can bury the cutting as well just not the entire thing. I do this with smaller cuttings and it works wonders.


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