Need Help with Description of Daylily

najoba(8b)September 29, 2012

How do you describe a daylily that has a different color extending from the base outward on the sepal?

I have a red daylily seedling that has a yellow area on the sepals coming out from the base of the flower and extending maybe an inch or so with the remainder of the sepal red? I am working on my new daylily website and am trying to briefly describe it. I want to use the correct terminology, but I don't know how.

It is a Mama's Cherry Pie baby, that looks a lot like its "mother," but a very fiery watermarked red with yellow edges instead of white. I tried to find out at the AHS website, but didn't see anything there.



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Apparently the hybridizer has not registered this yet. I hope that he or she will register it, as the name is only a "garden name" until it is registered. If the sepals are two distinct colors, then they are bicolor.

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Apparently the hybridizer has not registered this yet.
floota, Are you referring to 'Mama's Cherry Pie'? It is a valid registration by the Shooter's.
I think the yellow on the sepal would probably be a part of the throat color of the daylily. The watermark may be a band instead of an eye, and therefore the throat color on the sepals would not have the watermark. It would be easier if you included a picture link so we could see the seedling.

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No,sorry, I didn't read her message closely, I thought she said the name was 'Mama's Cherry Pie Baby' but see now that she was referring to her seedling. Obviously it is not registered! Yes, I agree that we could help more with the description if we saw an image!

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I would have posted the pic when I asked the question, but I was so exhausted from two weeks of long hours working with graphics and code. I finally finished my last web page that included graphics tonight! Yay!

Here is the MCP baby:

I don't think that describing the yellow part of the sepal as "looking like a sun or moon rising in between the petals" would be so good. lol

I really would like to know how to describe it appropriately.


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Nancy, I don't know how to descibe it either...but it sure is a beauty...Congrats!

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Go to the AHS database and look up 'Davi's Dilemma' by Judy Davisson. Your seedling seems to show the same effect, that is the watermark is showing on the sepals. Judy simply describes it as a watermark. I'm not sure what color description you want to use, but on this screen, your seedling is showing as a "pale strawberry red with strawberry cream watermark and fine ruffled edge." Or something to that effect.....

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For registration purposes, I would just say red with watermark and chartreuse throat. You can add a descriptive to the red and include the colored edge if it's consistent.
I personally don't see the watermark on the sepals, but rather the extension of the throat color and maybe a darker red halo on the sepals.
Saying that the throat color on the sepals looks like the sun or moon rising above the watermark would be perfectly acceptable on your website description. Be as flowery as you wish. It's only on the registration description that some might get picky.

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This seedling is way too young to register as this is its first year to bloom.

Thanks, Kathy. Now, if I can just get it to do well for the next couple of years.

Strawberry and strawberry cream sounds luscious - a great idea, Floota! It sounds so much more appealing than just plain "red." In the garden and on my screen, it is a brilliant red.

I don't see a watermark on the sepals, either, Ed.

To me, the colors on the sepals are interesting. There is a center band of red extending outward, with lighter red bands on either side. I was at a loss as to how to describe the sepals, with the yellow extension from the throat.

You are right again, Ed, as it does have a darker red halo. Trying to describe it did made me realize how little I know! Duh!


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