Cherrys for florida

Floridaflowers12(8)September 7, 2013

I was wondering what sort of cherries would grow in North Florida in between zone 8b and 9a. I would prefer soemething with a pink blossom.

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zzackey(8b GA)

I googled it. For zone 8 it said Bing cherry. Hard to believe a cherry tree would live down here. We had a great one in PA. I sure miss eating fresh cherries. Nothing tastes better than fresh!

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bamboo_rabbit(9A Inverness FL)

The humidity here sure is hard on cherries...hard to keep the leaves healthy.


What part of PA?

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zzackey(8b GA)

Top of the state. About 1/2 hour from NY border. Above Scranton.

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You get between 550-700 chills in the northern Florida/panhandle area.

Figure 75% of that and any around 500 - 400 should reliably produce year after year.

That said humidity may be an issue with disease.

Rootstock selection needs to be thought of.

You should consider your project experimental.

If you only want one and fruit then you will need self fruitful. Not too many of those.

You will have to look at flower color.

Here is my table of cultivars I have been considering or growing in Phoenix, AZ. Some of the Royals are not available except commercially.

Cherry, sweet chill notes
Brooks 400 needs Coral or Tulare; May 11th- May 20t; zone 9
Coral Champagne 400 small tree; May 20th �" June 11th; needs Stella or Brooks; zone 9
English Morello 400 late harvest; sour cherry (pie, jam), sf
Glenare 400 May 23th �" June 14th (Duarte); clingstone; Brooks or Tulare; zone 8
Lapins Minnie Royal Royal Lee Royal Lynn 300 earliest harvest; needs Minnie Royal
Stella 400 self-pollinating; May 29th �" June 14; zone 8
Tulare 400 May 22nd �" July 10th; needs Glenare or Brooks; good storer; zone 9
Delight cherry-plum 400 needs Sprite, clingstone
Sprite cherry-plum 400 needs Delight, freestone, 4-6wks on tree ripe
Montmorency sour cherry, Royal Hazel cherry Royal Lynn cherry earliest, 300, needs Minnie Royal; good size, tasty
Royal Edie low chill, b4 Lapins
Royal Helen low chill, b4 Lapins
Royal Rainier Royal Tioga sf= self fruitful

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ran across this posting....

Here is a link that might be useful: Another message of cherries in FL

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Embothrium(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

Presumably you were asking about flowering cherries. Check out Taiwan cherry (Prunus campanulata), that is probably your best bet.

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L_in_FL(8B/9A Border, NW FL)

If you were talking about fruiting cherries, I have a Minnie Royal and Royal Lee that I planted in June 2012.

Still healthy, but they have not bloomed yet so I cannot comment on productivity or fruit quality. Hopefully they will bloom this coming spring.

I have done a little spraying with Serenade to limit diseases, but not very much.

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