Full Sun Bed

katlynn719(8b)September 23, 2012

Last Fall I extended a daylily bed in the front yard and filled it with daylilies from another bed that had grown too shady. In this photo, I am standing underneath the oak trees where the daylilies were previously planted. The new bed is between the two sago palms.

Here is another angle of the bed shooting down the length of it. It is 3 daylilies wide and about 20 daylilies long.

I have been astounded at the difference this new location has made for these daylilies. The plant growth has been amazing. I have no other daylily bed that is in full sun, so I simply didn't expect such an improvement in one year. All the credit goes to full sun and no competition from tree roots. Here are some more shots from the same bed.

I can't wait to see how this bed performs next year, after the daylilies have a full year to recover from their previous "abuse". It makes me feel guilty looking at all my other daylilies now that I know what a difference the sun can make.


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celeste(zone 4 NH)

Ahh...Florida with it's 'rock-free' soil...I am envious. Also envious of the nice flat yard you have as your canvas.
Here it is rocky and hilly and having gardens means building raised beds. Your yard looks magnificent and your daylilies look great. Maybe you could tell us the names of the beauties in your photos?


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Julia NY(6)

I like the new bed layout and the daylilies look very happy.


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Looks great and am so glad you got such good results in one year's time. Sometimes when we transplant here,( even to a perfect location) the plants won't even bloom the first year. Next year your bed should be spectacular!

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Celeste, I guess we always envy what we don't have. I LOVE your rocks! We don't have "rock-free soil" here - we have white beach sand that does not hold water or nutrients. It's a constant struggle.
Names? Starting at the top -
1. Daylily bed
2. Daylily bed
9. One of my favorite seedlings - 2010 TRAHLYTA X LAURA HARWOOD

  1. Sib seedling to the one above, but lacks the same vigorous growth and scape height.

Julia, Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed the pics. I was going to plant something tall in the middle of the bed, but I didn't have room.

floota, There are a few daylilies in that bed that didn't bloom this year, but the plant growth was impressive. I also planted a mixture of Lily bulbs in between the daylilies and almost none of them bloomed, due to our strange weather this past Spring. Here's to 2013!


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What is the dark eyed one behind Missouri Memories? And I do like the last seedling!

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

very nice bed you have going there and very pretty daylilies, too.


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Lisa, That daylily is yet another sib of the two other seedlings - 100603 TRAHLYTA X LAURA HARWOOD. That was a good cross for me. I kept about 6 of the seedlings for further evaluation. They are all late bloomers.

Jean, Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed them.


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Your bed is beautiful! Nothing like sunshine for daylilies. The sago palms set the bed off nicely. Only in Florida!

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Waitforspring(6 MA)

Your beds look spectacular and they are so immaculate. Your daylilies all look great--especially your seedlings.

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Kay, I was amazed at how much of a difference full sun made for these daylilies. Some of them had dwindled down to 1 weak fan. Now they are all robust and multiplying!

Val, Thank you! That bed is the easiest one I have to maintain. I weed down one side and then the other side and I'm finished.


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The Trahlyta/Laura Harwood seedling you will have to show us more of. It has the size of LH as well as the nice big green throat.

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Really beautiful! Your plants look fantastic.

It reminds me of our daylily beds in the country. They had full sun all day, and in the mornings the blooms would turn their faces to the east and by late afternoon, they were all facing west. They were a breathtaking sight during blooming season.

I'm sure you'll get a lot of compliments on your new bed.


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mantis, I will show those seedlings in another post. This one is getting a little pic heavy. It will be fun to compare the seedlings in that cross.

Nancy, Thank you! I know you miss all the space you had in the country. But it's time for me to down-size as well. I have more than I want to take care of now.


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