Nchfp Spaghetti Sauce without Meat is the winner!!

ellen_inmo(6)August 17, 2012

The search is over. The perfect basic kid approved sauce has been found. This sauce is perfect, exactly what I was looking for. Best of all, the only thing I had to purchase was the lids for the jars. Every ingredient was garden grown and/or on hand. I used the peppers instead of celery. My final volume was 3 3/4 quart jars, in which we ate the 3/4 for sampling. The recipe said about 9 pints. Close enough for me! I did not use paste tomatoes, as I prefer more flavorful tomatoes. Upon serving, this sauce will have one small can of paste added to it, as well as some Parmesan cheese and that's all the tweaking necessary.

Now. How to make my own tomato paste?? ;-)

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

Hard to beat the old tried and true recipes. Glad you like it.

Tomato paste? See the discussion just down the page titled "Trying something new to me, need expert advice!"


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I just now read that Dave! I would not have tried any tomato paste recipe, I was kidding! I can get paste for 3/1.00 at times. I'm sorta a dummy but even a dummy knows her limits. :-D

Dave, how do I thank you and Carol and the other names here I'm getting to know? Do you realize how many people whose lives have been affected by your assistance?? There surely is a spot in Heaven for you!

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I make both versions from the NCHFP...with meat and without meat. I like both of them. It's almost like having an instant meal in a jar. Whenever I'm in a time crunch or in a pinch about what to cook, it's my go-to food. All I have to do is cook the pasta and open a jar of spaghetti sauce. Add some french bread or a salad, and we're set!

The spaghetti sauce is also good for making eggplant (or chicken) parmesan. Or lasagne.

You might not be interested in making tomato paste, but I made the pizza sauce recipe one year and canned it in 4 oz jars. I liked that too! I don't recall if it was an NCHFP recipe or from another book, but I only use a select few approved/tested cookbooks, so it was either So Easy to Preserve, Ball Blue Book, Ball Complete, Small Batch Preserving, or the NCHFP.

For time saving "instant" meals, I also like canning chili and soups. I love having them on the shelf when I need to fix something fast!


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Jill, I have narrowed my list of Recipes-I-Swear-to-God-I-Will-Only-Use to pretty much the same as yours. :-)

I am guilty of purchasing books/magazines that have not been tested for safety. This is the only activity out there where you CAN do more harm than good by reading a lot and experimenting too much. I wish there were laws preventing untested publications and websites and blogs ("blogs"....I will always hate that word). Because unknowing people like me will buy them. Every one of them. If it weren't for these kind folks here on Gardenweb (which I haven't been active on in about 7 years and only recently began again), I could easily have a food storage that could be so deadly that it could be used for domestic terrorism. I would have never known what I was doing wrong!!

Someday I will try the sauce with meat. Currently, I don't want to waste meat until I'm perfectly comfortable with pressure canning. I'm getting there, one safe project at a time.....

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