Hoyas From Houston!!

teisa(6)April 10, 2013

Wow I got to "Another Place in Time" today. They have some really pretty Hoyas. They just werent labeled!! So there were so many that I couldn't identify. But I did buy these 3. Im having to carry them on so I wish I could bring more :(
But Im happy with these!!
Im thinking the middle one is Cummigiana but not positive. Does anyone else know?

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I saw this Hoya and it was pretty but I didn't know what type it was. Can anyone identify this? (The long vine with oval thick leaves, in the middle of screen)

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The one you're pointing out is not a Hoya, but Xerosicyos danguyi - Silver Dollar Plant. I used to grow it (and am looking for it again!) - it's one of those plants that gets wild and unruly if you don't keep it groomed back. I love it, though. It's an awesome succulent.

You probably know that your other two Hoyas are standard green kerrii and variegated kerrii - both are very nice, healthy plants! Do they do mail order??

Denise in Omaha

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Hi Denise! I would say they probably don't do mail order but not positive. Like when I called to ask what Hoyas they had. The person told me they are not labeled so they didn't know. I've wanted an additional All green Kerrii. And I've never had the variegated!! Would you agree the one in between Kerrii, is Cummigiana? I thought they looked very healthy also. And for 3 plants it was like 21.00!! :)

I didn't get the Silver Dollar Plant. I wasn't for sure what it was but I did like it!

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Great finds! ~ Mary

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Yes, I'd say the middle one is cummingiana. I used to grow it and after years of no blooms, I gave up and traded it off. I bet you'll have better luck with it down there. And $21 is a GREAT deal!

Denise in Omaha

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Those are some nice tight internodes on the cumingiana. You'll need to keep it in very high light to keep it growing dense like that. I keep upping the light on mine, but I haven't gotten it quite there yet.

I'm so glad you were able to find your Texan Hoyas. Congrats!

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Nice plants, Teisa! That cumingiana is really healthy looking. As GG says, the internodes are very tight and it needs a lot of light to keep it that way. I have to trim back the "winter growth" on mine, since the vines look thin and stretched. Now that the sun is much stronger it will start putting out new healthier looking vines.

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Denise- Thank you for confirming that! And I thought I had misunderstood when they gave me the total! They were really good prices for nice looking plants! I only wish I had room for more, but my husband was there for business and we had alot of stuff. He couldn't help me carry any on. He did say I could put them in his suitcase! (which he got the evil eye for) lol

GG & Klea- I appreciate the growing tips. I'll make sure to put Cummigiana under my grow lights and give it lots of sun outside this summer. I really love the way this one grows and the blooms :)


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I Wanted to Show a picture of a big group of Hoyas that were at the store I went to. I could not even begin to identify 90% of these Hoyas. I know some of you guys can identify them at a glance. Maybe someday I will be better at it.

It was hard to leave all these sitting on a shelf!!

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I guess they weren't kidding that this vendor had a selection of Hoyas. It sure is funny that they don't tag their plants, though. Even if you're able to see it's an Eriostemma or an australis, you wouldn't be able to tell which one.

It is true that the longer you look at Hoyas the more unmistakeable their faces become, though. For me, I have to have the plant in my own collection. There are cues my eyes absorb when I'm looking at a live plant, that they just don't record from a picture. Some types of learning are more automatic than intentional. And the brain interacts differently with a two dimensional picture, no matter how good it is.

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I agree with everything that's been said about cumingiana. I too cut off the winter time growth, as I can't give it the sun it wants and keep it warm. But I have a piece I started in S/H last year, that I left out this past winter, and it survived the cold ?? I had been told this was a definite warm grower.

When you get this one blooming, it blooms really really well.

Here's some pics of mine.



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Wow Renee I remember seeing that photo a few months back!! That is when I decided to get Cummigiana. It is just beautiful! and I wondered about trying to grow my two new Kerrii in semi-hydro. After you said the Cummigiana grows good in s/h also, I may just try all three in it.
Thanks for responding about that. I was just thinking about growing in s/h this afternoon!

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