Identify hoya?

rumbum(9)April 28, 2013

I found this hoya at a nursery looking very sad and neglected. They didn't know what variety it was. The leaves look sort of short and squatter than what I think a carnosa should look like. Thanks!

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Could have sworn I replied?

It's h.carnosa krimson queen. Common but a reliable grower.

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@ rumbum

You're not wrong to feel that they look different than the prototypical carnosa leaf. There's a lot of variation in carnosa leaves, both due to cultivation and temporary adaptations to the environmental conditions the plant was grown in. My KQ also grows very shapely succulent leaves compared to the green carnosa.

Nice rescue - it looks lovely in that basket. :)

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Thank you!!!! :)

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Wait until she blooms; you'll have chocolate-smelling mauve colored flowers! Mine is around 14 years old now. My favorite hoya.

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