My new hoya? Pics

mel_10(3)April 5, 2011

Hello everyone,

I was wandering around the grocery store today, which I probably should not have been :), when I saw this little plant. I believe it is a hoya, the tag only says houseplant, but I am not for sure on which particular one it is. I was hoping some of you wonderful people could help with an ID.

The leaves are in pairs and alternate direction on stem...if that makes sense :)

The leaves are small and appear to be only fuzzy on the bottom.

Here is a close up. None of the leaves exhibit any speckling.

Thanks in advance for the help!!


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Hi Mel,

Well, that is very Hoya-like. How big are the leaves?

Denise in Omaha

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The largest leaf is the one in the above pic with the quarter. I would say about 1 in wide and 1 in long (maybe a little longer). The leaves are on the thicker side, more succulent than say a carnosa leaf. They also come to a point at the tip.


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Nice plant. I think you actually have a lipstick plant- aeschynanthus . Never-the-less if that's what it is, it's still a beautiful plant and will flower probably red! Google lipstick plant to see some awesome images and compare your leaves. I love lipstick plants!

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Both Hoyas and Aeschynanthus have opposite leaves and look very similar but I also think you probably have an Aeschynanthus vs a Hoya. I own only one Aeschynanthus and that is because at the time I though it might be a Hoya so I took a chance, still a nice plant either way.


Here is a link that might be useful: Aeschynanthus

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Not positive...but I also think its a Lipstick plant. I had one very similar to yours...Two years ago I accidentally left it outside during a down to 25 degrees that night, needless to say it eventually died :o(

Beautiful plant and if it turns out to be a lipstick plant I'm sure you will love it as much. Good luck!

This was taken two years ago...

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Thanks everyone! I'm a little sad it is not a hoya, but the lipstick plant has it's own charms. I hope mine turns out as pretty as Pug's!!


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I have a few aeschynanthus. They're lovely and not nearly as temperamental as columneas. And I've also done the is-this-a-Hoya when looking at them in a store, even though I know PERFECTLY WELL that they exist.

Grow it as you would a violet. Prune above the node every 2 nodes to encourage branching and keep it from getting too leggy. This also invites more blooms. You can stick the trimmed bits back into the pot and they root very easily.

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Thanks for the advice GG. I am excited to try this new plant, though I'm sure the husband will not be too happy to see another plant added to my collection :)


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