Boiling down/ thicken and density question

Han123(5a)August 20, 2012


Many recipies for tomatoe and pasta suaces say to boil for X ammount of time or until desired consistany. This obviously affects the density of the finished product.From what I understand water bath canning has a density (in addition to other factors)componant attached to its saftey ( i may have misunderstood this point)

So my question is: Is it possable to boil an approved pasta / tomatoe recipie down to much and hense make it too dense and unsuitable to water bath?

Sorry if I am thinking into this too much. I am just really concerned about botulism etc.

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I understand your question, and it's a good one. Putting Food By recommends slightly longer processing times (35 min) for tomato paste compared to tomato sauce (30 min), which is probably because of the density. I think the long cooking time for greatly reduced sauce has some relevance, too. Assuming you work with clean, hot equipment and follow directions, things will be fine. I've been canning for decades, and never had a bad jar of tomato sauce. You up food safety risks when you start adding non-tomato ingredients.

Here is a link that might be useful: tomato sauce tek to reduce cooking time

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