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greenacresgirlSeptember 26, 2010

I noticed there were a few posts asking about growing herbs. So I thought I would post my personal experience in zone 10:

My best tip is probably to start seeds in a pot and then just plant a bunch all over and whatever grows grows. You can't always predict what they will like. But when they are happy they flourish and seeds are cheap.

Basil - For me this is the easiest herb to grow, except in cold weather. I plant seeds in a pot and transplant as many as I could possibly want. It is very important to pinch off the tips from time to time. I have had some survive winters but not this last unusually cold one.

Bay- I got a tree last year, at the rare fruit sale. It is in part sun and so far so good.

Borage- I just started some from seed, and the seedlings look great. My first time growing.

Chives- grows like weeds.

Cilantro- Easy to grow from seed but usually doesn't survive summer. In the past I have had some survive in part shade.

Dill- I have had luck transplanting but it is better to direct sow. Doesn't last long. Just keep sowing.

Fennel - Should be direct sown. This gets huge and attracts butterflies. I have heard it can be a growth inhibitor for other plants so I keep it away from my veggies.

Garlic- I had luck for the first time this past year. I bought packaged garlic from an Orlando grower at Publix. My success was either from refrigerating it for 6 weeks prior to planting or the unusually cold winter.

Parsley_ Just plant a bunch all over. Usually doesn't survive the really hot weather. I grow flat leaf for cooking and curly around the perimeter of my veggie garden for beneficials.

Rosemary_ I have had a huge bush for over 7 years. It is in part shade and I ignore it. Unfortunately I have not been able to grow another one.

Lemongrass- gets huge. My dog actually managed to destroy a young plant by constantly munching on it.

Mint - I plant in in a window box in full sun. It seems to burn up sometimes in the summer but always comes back.

Nasturtium-I grow this in sandy soil on the perimeter of my veggie garden, after the really hot weather has ended.

Sage- it seems to do the best in my window sill.

Thyme_-Bizarrely this does best in my full sun window box with the mint. Doesn't like the high heat, but comes back.

Marjoram_ has been doing well in a full sun pot. Made it through all the seasons.

Oregano- needs a lot of space.

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sun_worshiper(FL 9b)

Hey thanks for the excellent rundown on what has worked for you! Your mixed success with rosemary is very interesting. I am going to try planting some in several locations this fall and see if I can find that magic spot that it likes.

I haven't had much luck with nasturiums here either. I really like them to set seed - the seeds can be pickled and made into something kind of like capers. Very tasty. The ones I planted last fall got killed by the hard freeze. The ones I planted in spring just never seemed to do anything. They formed a couple leaves and then just sat there doing nothing until they eventually burned up in the summer heat. Maybe I'll try some more this fall.

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This is great! I find that the globe basil does best in the summer for me. The sweet basil doesn't like the wet conditions, and usually dies.

My lemon grass is out of control, coming up all over. I'm making a hedge of sorts out of it. LOVE it for cooking.

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