Brevialata or Incurvula peduncle

cassidykApril 19, 2010

Hello Everyone,

I have been looking for a picture of the immature peduncle of a Brevialata or Incurvula. We've discussed before what plant it may be and I think it's a brevialata but it hasn't bloomed yet.

Anyway, I have searched images for what I am looking for and there are pics of flowers and of peduncles but I would like to see what the peduncles look like just as they are starting to grow. Mine is definitely pot bound and under what I hope are the right conditions. It is growing like mad and putting out new trailers from existing ones so when I see all these little stubs I pray that one may be a peduncle...So, if you have a pic or can direct me to one I would really appreciate it.

I would also love some good mojo for my polyneura. Last year every peduncle it put out died. Now I have a couple more growing, I hope this is the year!



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Cassidy do you have the ability to take a photo of your plant and post it here? This Hoya has a tenancy to begin development of aerial roots at each node but they usually stop growth at just a few mm unless there is very high humidity or they come in contact with a surface they can root to. The roots are whitish where a new peduncle would be green.


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Hi Mike,
I can't post a pic because I don't use any of the compatible photo sites. Anyway, it definitely isn't the aerial roots. I know what I'm looking at, I want to know what I'm looking for. I have lots of green 'stubs' staring at the node, some became new branchs. They came from where I imagined the peduncle would. With my other hoyas I know what the peduncles look like at the onset so I know they are coming. I was just hoping to be able to do the same with this one.

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Sometimes peduncles form where you would not expect and they are more identifiable with certain species. My Hoya sp. Palawan is budding up and the peduncle is nothing more than a node that is near the end of a piece of vine that died back a little when I clipped it to the trellis. The peduncle is very short and resembles a mass of scar tissue vs the long thin peduncle I had expected. I guess what I am trying to say is that peduncles usually form at the node and emerge from where the leaf petiole meets the vine but they form due to changes in plant hormones so what looks like a new vine can turn into a peduncle or vice verse. I have found that the smaller Hoyas seem to develop and grow peduncles quickly and one day you will just notice a fully formed one. Most often these plants seem to flower at the end of their vines first and then they slowly develop peduncles elsewhere.

Here's hoping that your plant blooms for you soon.


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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Here's a picture taken last year...not sure if its "immature" enough, I tried to see if I had a picture when it first just started to form a peduncle and I didn't have one.

Good luck with your least yours have had peduncles. I've yet to see one from mine. Keeping fingers crossed yours will bloom.

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Thanks for the picture, Pug! The pictures I found on the internet didn't do it justice, I couldn't really tell how big the peduncle would be.
Thanks for the good thoughts on my polyneura. I guess I should be grateful just to be growing tiny little peduncles.

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