Where to get Hoya cuttings...

denise_gw(5)April 20, 2013

Ellstra wants to know where to buy Hoya cuttings. There are lots of sources... SRQ Hoyas, Ted Green in Hawaii are the two main ones that come to mind. Some of us here also sell cuttings, but I'm not sure if they really let us promote it here. Others will chime in with suggestions.

Denise in Omaha

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Thank you Denise, it is cuttings that I am looking for .

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You sent me an e-mail, but I'm unable to respond to it. Please send it again to greengirl1958@yahoo.com.


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Ellstra, what cuttings are you looking for?

If I have what you want, I can give them to you. Don't spend on shipping, etc. Let me know first.

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