Help! Adonidia Palm Foliage Problem

zdaudertSeptember 3, 2013

Hello, I have three "sets" of Adonidia palms in a garden bed that all seem to have the same pest. The foliage is has yellow/brown spots and, if I look closely at the "higher" fronds, there are very tiny things that might be bugs. They look like tiny worms but I can't detect them moving or anything. It's hard to see any details on them as they are so small.

I'm hoping someone on this forum knows what they are and how I might get rid of them.

I've posted a couple of photos here:

Thank you!

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Your link to photos only produces an error message for me. Why don't you post the photo directly here? Use the "Image file to upload" button that is contained in every "Post a Follow-Up"

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Hi Yardvaark. Thanks for the tip!

I'll add a few posts here with photos.

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And another view. This shows the higher fronds.

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