A New Lacunosa?

aveo5April 8, 2012

I found and bought a lacunosa plant today called 'Royal Flush'. Is this a new or rare variety? I have only seen and grown the plain lacunosa, with the plain white tiny flowers. This one has light pink ones with yellowish centers. The leaves are marbled and the stems are red/maroon colored. Is this a new variety or a rare one? I think it is pretty nice, and it has the great aroma of the lacunosa,and the addition of colorful leaves and stems. Just wanted to know if I found a new one, or has it been around and I just finally got one?

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No, it's not new...but it sure does look nice! ^_^

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This was one of the new horticultural varieties of Hoya lacunosa that Herman Engleman Greenhouses introduced a few years back. Both Hoya lacunosa 'Royal Flush' and Hoya lacunosa 'Ruby Sue' were introduced at the same time.


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