Hey Ludi, Check This Out...

don_in_coloradoMarch 25, 2013

One of my NOID's....Does this look like an 'Elegans' to you? (Everyone else is more than welcome to comment, of course) :)

Don B.

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Ludi _PA_7a

Don you startled me !

Ummmmm . . . honestly I have never ID'd anything before. I have agreed with others suggestions on different posts and even took a blind stab in the dark (I guessed Fire Opal for something that clearly was not Fire Opal).

I remember you posting this picture before for an ID. I should go back and look at the post.

Is it blue when it comes up in the spring ? Does it have that waxy coating on the top of the leaf ?

That is the first thing I would check. If it isn't blue then it isn't Elegans. With three leaves that is a hard one. Not to mention being big and green doesn't narrow it down much either. Flower color and bloom time might be better indicators for something like this.

I'd say give it some more time to mature and then it might be a lot easier. I have four in my garden that I have yet to pitch to everyone since I know they are too immature for ID'ing.

I did manage to ID a Francis Williams and June last year in a neighborâÂÂs garden, but he already knew what they were so I was basically testing myself. :p

Good luck,


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Don't bother with pulling up that old post, it's OK, thank you...Since you have those big beauties, I was just hoping you'd say, "Yes! That absolutely is an 'Elegans!'" But alas, I know it's not that easy...I'll post a new pic in ooooh, about June-ish or so, and we'll see where we're at.....It's an exciting NOID, because even though it is certainly not mature yet, it's leaves are HUGE...we shall see...It WAS pretty wrecked and really fried when I bought it, so a nice spring leafing will tell us how blue/waxy it is supposed to be...Maybe it's one of those greenies that are sometimes sold only under the ambiguous 'sieboldiana' tag...a fun mystery...

Thanks very much,
Don B.
Westminster, CO.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

I was just hoping you'd say, "Yes! That absolutely is an 'Elegans!'"

==>> no don.. its the converse.. and tongue in cheek ....

IF THAT IS ELEGANS .. i will eat my boot ...

no way.. never.. get over it .. it not blue enough .. the leaves are not that size in immaturity ... it should be taller ... and blah.. blah ... blah ...

maybe a seedling of E ..... but that means nothing ...

look at:
green acres -- but why that would be on the common market is a mystery ...
elatior -- probably not pointed enough

and 50 million other large green hosta ...

now you go have a great day ....


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Ludi _PA_7a

For the record . . . it was Steve_Mass that ID'd my Elegans when I first joined the forums.

I went back and checked my original post.

I have to agree with Ken, it seems that to have leaves that large at immaturity might indicate something monstorous at maturity.

Elegans does get big, but she is not a giant. I think Blue Angel gets bigger actually.

I have a whole bunch of little OP seedlings sprouting up all around mama, and some have been there for almost three years now, but they are tiny compared, even for the amount of time they have had to grow.

Sieboldiana types are very slow to grow. I have experienced this and read about it numerous times.

I think you got yourself a giant green monster, not a refined matron. :p

Maybe Mikado ? or one of the earlier Montana type hybrids ?



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That's cool, I'm OK with a green monster....For all I know, it's a cut from a mature plant(?) which might explain it's leaf size....I mean it's got corrugated leaves, do a lot of 'baby' plants do that? I don't have enough experience with Hostas to know...I'll post pics when it leafs out....Good Stuff......@Ken...Thanks, EVERY day is a great day, buddy! You have the same! :)

Don B.

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