My Hoyas

tammypie(9)April 22, 2013

Happy Spring Everyone!

It's that time of year I want to share with you all my past accomplishments with hoyas via pictures. Here are some of the hoyas that I either have or don't have anymore. Enjoy!

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They are beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing! I especially like the first photo, is it a H. erythrostemma? What species is on the last picture? And the yellow one beneath the imperialis (if that is what it is)?

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Hi Klea, yes, the first pic is indeed H. Erythrostemma. The last picture is H. Schneii. It's kinda blurry, sorry.

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tammypie - Those are really nice pictures. Is the Schneii scented at all? If so, does the scent remind you of anything else? Thanks

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I am in love with the first one! I have never seen that particular one! It is beautiful. They are all very eye pleasing but I would have to say it is my favorite!! Thank you for sharing!


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lovely pictures, I have 3 types for now. Can anyone tell me what is wrong with my newly started Hoya Bella? the leaves have some white markings on them, not bugs, will not go off on rubbing.

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Hi restoner, the H. Schneii has barely a spicy scent, sometimes no smell at all.

Hi alobo, I love H. Bella, but have had no luck in growing them. When they bloom, their blooms surpass all other hoya blooms, imho. I know they like to be watered often. I don't know what those white spots you speak of. Someone here on this board knows more about it. TPie

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Lovely accomplishments, Tammy. I see amongst them the mystery plant I received from you, and I still hope someday someone will ID it, because the leaves don't match anything else I have in an obvious way. I'll have to think on it again when I'm watering my plants this weekend.

@ alobo

Sometimes water drops leave mineral deposits on the leaves that end up looking very white and are hard to rub off. They do come off with some milk or an oily or soapy spray, so you might want to try that. Alternately, bella bleeds white, so you could have just have gotten some sap on the leaves? Usually that comes off easier tho.

I know my bella Luis Bois got little sort of creamy yellow pin prick-like marks from sun damage. When I moved it to gentler light, they stopped appearing.

I'm just speculating though - if you are able to post a picture, that would help.

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tammypie - Thank you for the info about Schneii. Love a spicy scent.

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Today I repotted some of my Hoyas with new, fresh potting mix. I used orchid bark, perlite, vermiculite, peat moss and a little charcoal mixed with MG potting soil. I noticed that my Lacunosa Tove (the 4th pic up from the bottom with pinkish fuzzy blooms) is ready to bloom again. This is one of my favorite Hoyas, because I love the scent so much. So sweet and gentle you want to put your nose up to it and sniff over and over again. Can't say that about a lot of Hoyas... lol

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