natives and veggies and fruit!

natives_and_veggies(10b)September 15, 2012

chapter three in my tree saga:

We went down the Pine Island Nursery this morning and bought a macadamia, a fig, a sapodilla and an ice cream banana.

All are in the ground and we moved a dwarf ponciana from the front yard to the back to replace its parent tree.

(Chapters one and two of this saga were about Isaac taking a giant sapodilla and a lovely dwarf ponciana and then the tree guys cutting a water line - a spigot that had been next to the sapodilla in it's younger days. The sapodilla had grown around the spigot, so it wasn't exactly the tree guys fault.)

Any advice on growing the new additions to the orchard?

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keiki(10 FL)

Nice choices! I have all but the macadamia, what variety did you get and why? I have been eyeing an arkin papershell for a while now but I read that mac's are poor producers in south florida. Which variety sapodilla did you get? I have a small alano.

My advice for the ice cream is ti treat it like a teenager who is always hungry and thirsty and for the fig the planting area needs to be well amended as it attracts nematodes.

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Nice. Good luck with the macadamia. I have never had any luck in dade with them

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