Michael AKA Leekle2ManE - Zone 9a - Lady LakeSeptember 22, 2012

This has been asked on the Palms forum a few times, but so far, nothing positive has been said. So again, I find myself turning to my fellow Floridians.

Has anyone here found a fungicide that is palm-safe? My robellinis (Pygmy Date Palms) are somewhat peppered by fungal rot on the fronds. I first noticed the problem back in June and after I didn't get any good answers for fungicides, I took to pruning the infected fronds and watering from below. I am not removing the entire frond, but just clipping each leaflet to about a 1/2-1" under the infected area, so the plant gets to keep using the fronds to generate food. Regularly doing this has greatly reduced the amount of fungal rot on the robellinis, but it has not removed the problem, except on one that is almost completely fungus free.

I am hoping to find a fungicide that will kill off the existing fungus and spores to help prevent it from spreading to other parts of the fronds... without killing the palm in the process. As always, thank you in advance.

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I have never heard of a palm being killed by fungicide.

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