Too late to plant?

kss1956October 20, 2010

When is the latest I can plant daylillies? The nursery I shop at tells me now is the perfect time to plant Rhodadendrons.



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Karen, I'm in zone 5 and we're having quite a bit of frost ... it's too late for me to plant right now.

Any plant you put in now needs time to get established (it's root system) before a killing frost. Do you have that time?

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Hi Karen!

I'm in zone 6 and I would not plant Rhododendron at this time of year, they tend to take fall planting badly due to their wide evergreen leaves. They have a lot of surface area to be dried out both by wind and winter sun exposure. I spent 13 years in the nursery business and when we had to guarentee a planting we would do for Rhododendron or azalea they only were planted in spring. If a customer insisited on fall planting we did it only with the understanding that they would not be warranted if they died or had severe winter damage.That's how much we hated fall planting of those type of plants.

As to dayliles it's a matter of opinion. I would not plant anything bareroot from the southern growers this late in the year. I would however plant potted daylilies if I got them locally and really cheap. That way I wouldn't be out much if I lost them.

Good Luck,


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