Tiny little bugs in soil

k0okieApril 7, 2010

Does anybody know what these might be?? My DS-70 has been slowly dying over the last year and I thought it was just lack of proper care, turns out there are tiny little wingless insects in the soil. I've never seen these in any of my other plants, just this one.

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golden_ca_2000(BC Canada)

I had these funny little white bugs in my soil of my lacunosa - everytime I watered I would see them moving on the soil. so what I decided to do is.. I took the plant to my laundry room sink and I knocked off as much soil as I could - then I totally rinsed off all the soil - till it was all roots... then I repotted it ... Hopefully that is going to help. I find everytime I buy a houseplant now from the store - I am always weary of the soil, so I do this as I do not want soil with insects from anywhere else. So far its worked good for me....But I did not know what those bugs were... are they white bugs?

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I think that is going to be my next step for sure... bye bye soil. They appeared kind of whitish/greyish in color, they were so small though it was kind of hard to tell.

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There are spring tails and thousands of species of soil mites and I have seen both in my potted plants in the past. Most of these types of critters feed on decaying organic matter but I can't help but think that an over abundance of them could be bad for a plants root system. I would use an insecticidal soap solution and water the plant well with it, should take care of the problem. I will also spray a neem oil solution on the surface of the soil after I water if there are any bugs present. Repotting might be a good idea if the plant has not been doing well and it will give you a chance to take a look at the roots.


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