Heavenly Snow White?

Ispahan Zone6a ChicagoOctober 7, 2013

Does anyone here grow Heavenly Snow White (Gossard 2012)? It is described on the Heavenly Gardens website as a taller, improved version of Heavenly Angel Ice.

I am looking for a good, taller near-white and was curious to know how this cultivar has been settling in/performing for all of you.


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I got it last year but unfortunately I have not seen it bloom yet.


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Ispahan: Not discounting HAI at all--love that one, and I don't have Heavenly Snow White--but consider these 2 Gossards: Heavenly White Lightning and Tahoe Snow Blizzard. The TSB is very tall and spidery and HWL has especially nice blooms with great substance and flower duration even here in hot, humid VA. Although of the 3, HAI, HWL and TSB, the HWL does tend to go dormant in our summer droughts, whereas neither of the other 2 do.

Hope that helps.

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