imperialis is getting out of control no umbels

jsainz(8-9 NM)April 6, 2011

Hello all!! its been ages since i posted, but im an avid lurker. Ive been kinda sad with my imperialis lately but i knew all the good people here could help me with an overgrown vine.

So i got this imperialis in 07 as a rooted cutting, shes huge and seems happy but no flowers. I let her dry out between waterings and fertilize regularly. This is a southern window. I live in southern NM and light and warmth are non-issues. I started watering more frequently and put her on top of a water saucer filled with rocks(maybe she wants more water)What do you guys think is the problem here. im getting ready to take her down and tie her up, shes just gotten out of control, and she looks kinda sloppy. So if this happens i might change her to western, northern light??? The pot is right below where the picture ends and the plant has made its way through the curtain rod at the top of the picture and just keeps going. Sorry about the photo booth pic, just thought i'ld snap a fast one. Thanks in advance for any advice.

Thats her on the right: sorry i couldn't get her all in:)

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kellyknits(6/WV Eastern Panhandle)

I don't have an answer, but WOW! It's huge!


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jsainz(8-9 NM)

haha yea kelly shes a little ( i use that term loosly) out of control.

How/where do you guys grow this monster? Would you guys be willing to share how you grow yours?

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kellyknits(6/WV Eastern Panhandle)

Mines only about 3 nodes, so my growing conditions are probably not helpful!

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Your Imperialis is HUGE! I've had good luck getting mine to bloom (probably beginner's luck,lol!) I have mine in well draining potting mix...I keep mine watered well and fertilize regularly also. I only let it dry out slightly in the winter when its cold. I've had mine since Nov. '08... Mine was also big enough to bloom but wouldn't so I decided to repot mine and added some agricultural "lime" about 2-3 tsp. per gallon of potting mix. But I think what helped mine to bloom was I took Mike's(Ont) advise...he said that Hoyas with large flowers needs a certain amount of I put it outside under some palm/trees...where it got some early morning direct sun (mostly dappled). I was careful not to let it get too much direct sun especially because NM(I'm guessing) and FL have very strong sun. I didn't want to sunburn my leaves.

Even with me putting it in under some leaves have some sun damage and sun spots. I was determined to try anything and everything to make this hoya bloom so I was willing to sacrifice the "pretty leaves" and stems.

A few months ago I had to "re-arrange" my Imperialis as it was SO top heavy I was afraid the wind knocking it down and breaking some vines...LMK if you want me to post pictures of what I did to mine.

BTW, I have about 7 peduncles on imperialis right now...all in different sizes. A couple looks a few weeks from opening barring any issues that is. These peduncles/buds took forever to fully develop and bloom last fall.

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Your plant certainly looks healthy but one thing that I notice is that the leaves look dark green which makes me think that it wants a bit more light. This one can take some pretty bright light and mine grows right up against the glass of a large South facing window.
From what I have read this Hoya grows as a scrambling vine in trees and it does not bloom until a growth reaches the bright light. You may be able to train your plant so that the majority of the vines are kept in the light of that bright window and then hope for the best. Give it some fertilizer and water often during the summer. This Hoya does not want to be dry for long at all and when it's growing it's best to keep it moist.
Do you think you cold train the entire plant around a tall trellis and then put the whole thing in front of the window?

Pug that's great that your plant is responding to the higher light and seven peduncles is pretty amazing.


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jsainz(8-9 NM)

great suggestions guys!! im definitely upping the fertilizer and water. Im sure i was letting it get too dry, without enough sun.

Mike i think that putting it on a trellis and letting it get more sun (indoors)is going to be the only way i will see blooms. Upside - anything that breaks off is a new start.

Pug you lucky lady!!! im going to try putting her outside before it gets too hot maybe that will give her the boost she needs. I recently started cuttings so even if this monster goes, ill have backups. I have a question does the heat bother your imp? I mean as long as it is in dappled light. Its rather arid here... unless it rains (wishful thinking:) )

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If you do move your plant outside make sure it is shaded and make the light increase very gradual. The light intensity outside is very high even when compared to a bright south window. You could experiment with some cuttings as well and see how they respond.


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jsainz(8-9 NM)

hi mike at lunch i did just that (you guys got me excited) with an old imp right next to the one in question. That poor plant had been cut on so much that it was much less than a long stem with a couple of vines starting, so she ended up as the guinea pig under a shade tree. Hopefully she is doing ok by the time i get home.
Yea when i decide to take the larger plant out i think i would leave her on the shaded porch for a week before subjecting her to even shaded light around here. As for the poor test plant that got thrown out today im hoping she likes the extra light.

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

The heat didn't seem to bother my Imperialis...I just kept an eye on it to make sure it didn't get too dry. I also have to make sure it doesn't get too wet either from our summer rains. I've noticed that if it stays too moist some of the leaves turn yellow. When I know we're suppose to get rain two days in a row...I bring mine inside.

Mike made a very important point...Please make sure you don't put it in direct sun. It really has to acclimate very slowly to outdoor living even when placed under trees in full shade. You'll need to keep an eye on it, I've put it in shade in the morning and by afternoon that spot is getting direct sun. I would hate to see your gorgeous leaves sunburn. Ideally, very bright light w/out direct sun is probably the best...although one hour of very early morning sun would probably be fine I wouldn't give it more than that.

Best of luck! Keep us posted...

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