Transplanting a mango tree

jofus(9b/10a Englewood, Fl)September 26, 2011

Can a 9 ft tall Kent mango tree, that has been in the ground for a bit less than 2 years, be safely dug up and transplanted ? Not sure if I read somewhere that these trees are not easily transplanted, but am not sure if it wasn't about some other fruit tree.

I can go either way on this, buy a new 6 ft tree from a nursery or dig up and transplant the very robust & lush 9 footer. The downsides of course are that I'd be starting over, two years to wait for the new tree to get to the height and maturity of the tree now being considered for transplanting.

Of course, the worst scenario would be to exert all the effort and then have the transplant die on me in six months. Hoping there's some experienced mango tree growers out there with an opinion. Thanks.

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rednofl(9b Goldenrod Fl hz 10)

My dad used to find trees people were having removed and go dig them he brought home a few mangos they survived the the trip but not our winters.

a 9 ft tree is a big job good luck

A previous question was answered here

Here is a link that might be useful: transplanting a Mango

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