Just gotHoyas what now?

scootsybootsy(7)April 4, 2014

This is my first time ever gardening or having a house plant. I bought 3 little hoyas in the small brown plastic pots from Home depot. I've been trying to find what steps to take now but I can't seem to find much. All I've have found, which could be wrong, is to let them adjust to their new enviorment before repotting. They are Crimson queen hoyas is that matters. Any help would be appreciated I'm feeling in over my head at the moment.

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Well, first off, the kind of Hoya you have (carnosa) is tough, so relax.

The big rules of Hoyas are as follows:

1. Well-draining soil. A typical "good mix" is half potting soil, half orchid bark. Let the soil dry out before you water again. Stick your finger into the soil an inch or so to make sure it's dry enough. After a while, you'll know, just by the weight of the pot, that it needs water, but use your finger until you get it.

2. High light. A good location is right on an east-facing windowsill. It will still grow if you don't give it enough light, but it won't bloom. Blooms take at least year, if the plant is mature and given excellent light.

3. Don't overpot. Most Hoyas are epiphytic, which means they grow in trees and get their nutrition from the air, rain, and pockets of debris, versus a vast bed of soil. So they don't need big pots relative to their size. When their roots fill their pots, you can go up one pot size, but a lot of time the plants will look under-potted, relative to their size, compared to other plants. (That doesn't mean they need to be root-bound to bloom - all they need to bloom is lots of sun.)

Anyway, congrats on your new plants and thanks for stopping by to say hi.

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Thanks so much for the detailed response! This is really helpful.

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