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RetiredFlorida(9)September 13, 2012

Sitting on my front porch enjoying the morning temps, finally a break in the weather! Just a few degrees but with the humidity letting up, it isn't so bad.

I have two curcuma plants potted close by the front door. I look over and notice a difference in the plant and see this little critter when I get close. My garden is just full of treats this week.


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Looks like it might be a cuban tree frog , in which case he's a bad guy and eats the native frogs.

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'fraid so.

Here is a link that might be useful: cuban tree frog in FL

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coffeemom(Broward z10)

But it's still a cute picture and I did smile.

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Alright got one smile! Awareness is everything and the more I frequent this site, the more I learn. This was meant to be a fun posting but alas I learned something too. It was cute but such a pest as it is, I will take steps to remove them when I see them. I had no idea and honestly it is only one of a handful I've ever had in my yard, that I recall seeing.

Thanks for sharing the link and info., it wouldn't have been pretty had my daughter got ahold of it, she covets all living things and would have a zoo if I let her.


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It is a great picture and I smiled too.

But I have my hubby kill those frogs. They eat the native green lizzards too. And since we started killing those frogs we have tons of the native lizzards now. I also hated they pooped all over my windows and walls outside, and it was hard to wash off.

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carolb_w_fl(zone 9/10)

Nice pic!

& FWIW, most, if not all frogs will eat each other, given the chance - lizards do the same.

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Thanks Kat & Carol, glad you enjoyed it. I checked on him after reading the message and he had left, premonition?



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