marricgardensOctober 7, 2013

I've finally found a source for it. Can any of you who use it tell me what the pros and cons of it are? Can you use it anytime or is there a best time to use it? I've always read that it is a super product for daylilies. Marg

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I found it on Amazon. Wow! $131 for a gallon.
Is it really that good?

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I thought it was expensive at $90 per litre! I did some checking on other forums and they use kelp powder to do the same thing. We already have Aggrand which can be purchased as liquid kelp so I was wondering about using that, it does the same thing. It's also a lot cheaper.

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Hi Marg.I use superthrive on all my newly purchased mail order plants
You dont need a lot just a few drops I soak all new arrivals for 24 hours before planting.Same with plants I am shippong out.I have yet to lose a daylily no matter how small ( pencil size)and I have received some tiny ones from a few sellers. I dont know if you have an Ontario Growers Supply near you, but they sell it here in an 8 ounce plastic container for a reasonable price somewhere between $12 or $15..

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Thanks for the info. I was on their site but it looks like they only have stores in London. I emailed them to ask if they had ones anywhere else though.

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

gee, I thought you could buy : Superthrive about anywhere, where fertilizers and plants are sold. I buy it at wal mart some times.I have never noticed any pro's or con's using it, but,I don't use it on a every day basis either. Usually just in the spring and summer when plants are actively growingI just figured it wont hurt the plants and might do some good for them.


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dementieva(Zone 9 - Houston)

Yeah, I found it at Wal-Mart too. It was about $10 for a small bottle (which I haven't finished). This was a couple years ago, so I don't know if they still carry it.


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I like it. I use it to soak new bare root arrivals before planting. Also use it to help any struggling plants. I think it's basically a rooting stimulator. I use about 1/2 teaspoon per 3 gallons for the soak, so it goes a long way. There may be a problem using it for long term soaks as the bath tends to go anaerobic pretty quickly, like within a couple of days.

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