The Hosta most likely too ......

leafwatcher(zone 5)March 27, 2013

The question for number...

  1. I wonder if it made it ?

2. Will it have leaped?

3. Should I have planted it somewhere better?

4 What did I plant there again?

5 open question and answer of your own.

Here are my answers to start it.

1. My Liberty, it had shady roots hope it survived

2. My first fancy plant Sagae a big cyclops FOREVER !

3. Empress Wu, afraid it will get too much sun where its at :(

4. Blue wu, I am sure that stone marker is under there somewhere !

5. open question, what will my streakers from Trudy look like? hopefully STREAKY !!! hopefully miraculously big !

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Let's see....

1. My 'Tokudama Aureonebulosa', something dug it up in the middle of winter and it sat above ground for at least a couple of days...Stupid squirrels...

2. My 'Great Expectations' of course, because it's a 'Great Expectations'

3.Is my 'Gosan Sunproof' going to live up to it's name? We'll see!

4. I gave up trying to remember where I planted 'Stained Glass'...I'll just have to wait...

5. Was it SERIOUS advice Ken gave about kicking 'em across the driveway a few times? Because for 10 minutes in November, my 'Krossa Regal' was a soccer ball, and I was PELE! GOOOOAAAAAAAALLL!!!!!!!

Indeed, a fun thread :)

Don B.
Westminster, CO.

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Lykaon - Ohio Zone 6a

1. Liberty was new to me last year and the drought took its toll hear.
2. Blue Mouse Ears - Last year was disappointing for this one... hopefully it actually does something this year.
3. Hyuga Uriajjio (sp) for three years this has lingered on as a one eyed plant.
4. I picked up 10 hosta last year at Cori's in Chilicotthe, OH. This winter I realized I labelled about 2 of their locations.
5. How to maximize the hosta fragrance near my new patio... what to pick, what to pick???

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Ludi _PA_7a

What a fun thread Leafwatcher :)

I'll play.

1. Andrew - I bought two from a vendor before I had done any research about vendors. Needless to say I am not ordering from them again. I paid almost $12 a piece for two pathetic barely a year old tissure culture. They had a second flush of leaves, but stayed really small. This cultivar is new to the market and there is some speculation as to a bad TC batch with the first go around. I bought a third Andrew from Naylor to try a different vendor. I am hell bent on seeing this one to maturity, but I might be retired before it happens.

2. I am still too new to hosta gardening with my first year coming up to have any expectations about my hosta leaping. Patience . . . . . .

3. I guess I can future cast this one to reference the big move I have planned for Elegans. I will be combining my three clumps into one planting. Only time will tell if the operation was a success and she is happy in her new home.

4. Hahaaa . . . I ask myself this more with the bulbs I planted. All my hosta are in pots and all are with tags. I might have a problem though if the woodland critters decide white plastic is a choice toy for the season. I might be pitching a lot more no ID's if they steal my markers.

5. Open question: Will I actually plant any of them in the ground this year ? I still have a lot of beds to clear and prepare before I can plant. I went overboard with the ordering, but no regrets. They take so long to mature I figure I can hold them over and gain some growth while in the pots as I clear the beds in the coming years.

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PS for question #1. My 'Tokudama Aureonebulosa' is showing a little pip, so it survived being dug up in mid-winter. I'm very happy; So far, that's my most expensive one LOL

Don B.

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