Hoya problems

swampguy54May 12, 2010

I am new to hoyas and lost several this year because of the cold. I know what I did wrong with those but I have two more that I need help.

I have a hindu rope hoya that bloomed well last year even though it looked like crap. It gets sun (hard sun)for about three to four hrs a day. It is looking stretched and yellowish. There is spacing between leaves. I don't water often maybe once a week unless it is raining regular.

The other is a hoya waxy leaves that are turning yellow and just doesn't have a healthy look. It gets filtered sun and same type of watering routine. There seems to be some wrinkling of the leaves, also.

any ideas for me? Any questions? Thanks, Tim

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Yellow leaves are usually either too bright light or a problem with the roots. What is the potting mix like when you water, is it still moist or is it totally dry? Most Hoyas don't like to dry out completely but some can handle it. It is important to have an open but moisture retentive potting mix so that the roots still get air but without drying too fast.
If there is wrinkling of the leaves it means that the root system is in trouble so you may want to take cuttings and start over.


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