hey Garden WEB pals remember me?

goldenpond((Vero.Beach FL 9b))September 12, 2012

Hi every one I hope you have all had plenty of rain! Sorry I haven't posted in AGES!. I do have a garden page on FB ( Blondeponders Garden and Duck tales)and I recently brought my dad to live here with us (he got kicked out of his nursing home, long story)So I am plenty busy but keeping the gardens going! Hope to hear from y'all~tanya

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Hi Tanya
Glad you're back. I just read some oldies which you had posted to and was wondering about ya.

That garden in your yard is so cool - where did you get all the rocks?

And what's the plant with the lavender blooms just behind the caladiums on the right?

Welcome home,

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Tanya, so good to hear from you again. :o) You've been missed.

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goldenpond((Vero.Beach FL 9b))

there are butterfly bushes and and some salvia behind the Sun Caladiums. Oh and shooting star bushes they a lavendar/violet color. The rocks I just kept buying at yard sales til i had a whole lot and one day I said to hubs lets move these. They help keep the chickens out of the one bed, well the rocks and a hose every time they stepped foot into it1. I allowed then to go on the other side hoping they would rip up the ruellia by the roots but no such luck.

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Yes - Shooting Stars - I see that now.

Funny, I've never seen people selling rocks at yard sales.....I guess I go to the wrong kinds. But they are awesome in your yard.

I love that chicken, and it looks like she is eating the ruellia - too bad it isn't tasty enough for the animals to make a nice salad out of it!

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