marricgardensOctober 22, 2011

I did some hybridizing 2 years ago. Some of my first seelings opened last year. Can't wait for the rest to bloom! I know you need to hybridize a tet to a tet and dip to dip. Is there any problems with hybridizing a single bloom to a double bloom? Has anyone ever done it? What was your experience? Marg

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dementieva(Zone 9 - Houston)

Besides dip-tet, there's nothing you can't do.

If you cross a single with a double, you might get singles, you might get doubles, or you might get plants that double part of the time, or you might get flowers that are partially double. Or if the genes are hidden in one plant, you might get something else.

Generally the "extreme" traits (like 100% double, skinny spiders, super tall, super large, super dark) come from people selecting plants with that trait and crossing the best of them to each other many times over to accentuate it.

Crossing things with different traits will generally give you results that are somewhere in between.


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Thanks for the info Nate. Marg

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I've found it rather difficult to cross a double with a double, since you can't always find a pistil or the anthers are buried into the petals. I've crossed several this year, but no double with a double. It just wouldn't work out. So hopefully, I'll get a new double in the batch this coming year. They are all dips...so it will be fun to see the outcome.


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dementieva(Zone 9 - Houston)

I was able to cross onto FIRE AGATE this year as it didn't always double, and even when it did I could sometimes find the pistil. I suppose some really consistent doubles would be tougher to work with.


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I'm just starting to hybridize. It's fun experimenting. Thanks for the advice. I plan to make some crosses with a double this summer but until then I did buy some seeds on the Lily Auction. Can't wait to get them started! Marg

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virgo45(Toronto,Canada 6a)

I have over 30 registered double daylilies and have been successful in breeding all of them with both double and single plants. Double daylilies do not always produce a pistol on every flower. However, if you check each flower, as they open, you will probably find one sooner or later. In my experience I have found that crossing a double to a double will generaly produce (but not always)a larger volume of double seedlings. I have also found that crossing a double to a single lowers the number of double seedlings considerably. I used the single and double as both pod and pollen and it did not seem to vary the results. Every time I crossed a single with a double the number of double seedlings was low or none at all.

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