what am I doing wrong?

valtorrez(6b)October 5, 2013

As I plan for next year, I am wondering what I should do differently with my daylilies. Mine never blooms prolificly like the pictures I see on here. What can I do to see more blooms?

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silverkelt(Z5b/Southern Maine)

How old are they? What type of soil, moisture, where are the placed? Enough sun? What types are your growing, in 6b, I would think you could grow any , sometimes my evergreens are really stingy in terms of bloom production.

But honestly.. daylilies are pretty forgiven compared to some other perennials, withstanding lots of different conditions. What they will not bloom through is extreme droughts without some assistance.

Sometimes, especially here in my shorter growing season a young daylily will take several years to hit their strides.

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My daylilies r about 4 years old. They r in clay soil.and get full sun. They will bloom but not keep on blooming like it seems everyone here does. My next problem is that I might need to do beds over due the fact they don't bloom at same time so I never have that wow effect. My best bloomer is Strawberry something? It blooms for a month and all three r in one bed together and they look nice. It rained a lot here this year do I would have thought this would have been a good year.

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dementieva(Zone 9 - Houston)

I'm still learning how to make them bloom well too -- don't fret. My best bud counts have been around 18 - 20 the last couple years, but my average best bud count (best scape on each cultivar) has only been around 10 the last two years, not including the ones that didn't bloom at all.

I think something worth remembering is that people like to brag on and photograph their best performers, but they don't always mention their bad ones.


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Julia NY(6)

Daylilies love rain, ie water, but not flooding them. This year here in my garden the blooms were spectacular given all the rain we had. I too have clay soil but amend mine with top soil and some manure/ compost and then each season I try to get some milorganite and alfalfa pellets spread around. Sometimes I make alfalfa tea and give some of the "newbies" a dose of it in the spring. Most times, Mother Nature is what I have to rely on.


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My soil is clay. I mulch with shredded pine and feed with fish emulsion, and add alfalfa and spray with seaweed solution. I get a lot of rebloom, but this did not happen until the last couple of years. Plants that do not perform well after about three years get replaced.

And I think a lot of my rebloom is just dumb luck, lots of rain and a climate daylilies like. But this is the climate that rust likes too, so there is nothing perfect.

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Mostly the same old things others have said....
amend your soil....
water, water, water, ......
culture - don't plant too deeply
I use mulch and think it helps, some do. DON'T pile the mulch too deeply around the crown.
Fertilizing and spraying depend upon what you want to do as a gardener. Personally I think it helps but that's up to each person! And then buy plants that you KNOW are good performers in your area.

It is really, really smart to try to find some club members and growers in your area that you can buy from.

Good luck!

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'It is really, really smart to try to find some club members and growers in your area that you can buy (and learn) from.'
Sage advice. They'll know what your soil needs and which plants blooms best in your area.

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Having spent 10+ years at a daylily nursery in Zone 5, my experience is: LOTS of compost and good deep watering once a week. Daylilies are great in that they will survive most anything you can throw at them and still give you a pretty good show.

If you want them at their best, tho...Water and Food...They are heavy feeders and when replanting we always tossed in a wheelbarrow full of compost as well as top dressing with 10-10-10 in early May and sometimes early September. Some daylilies varieties also simply have heavier bud counts and some have better rebloom potential.

If you are looking to change your bed to all blooming at the same time, pick them from a place they are field grown or from a friend's garden. Pot culture is different and there is no telling where they originally came from.


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Brad KY(6b)

Some daylilies just don't do well, period. Fertilizing and water sure helps though. And I agree with adding good dirt or manure when transplanting [I have clay too]. It does take some several years to do well; others are great their first year.
But one more thing: I have sun in slightly varying amounts according to bed, but even more some have early some late sun. I have found that daylilies have a preference. Some do better in different beds. Unfortunately it take years of experimenting to figure it out with some. So Lovely did so bad in one of my best beds I was ready to trash it. I gave it one last shot in a new area I started and now it is one of my best bloomers. I've heard Smokey Mt. Autumn is a great bloomer but it has only been fair to poor for me. This year I moved it and hope to see an improvement this coming year [or the next].

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alameda/zone 8

I had an incredible bloom season this year. I made some new raised beds - granted, this was quite a bit of work but it was WELL worth it. One area I had raised beds built 2 landscape timbers high. I filled in part of it with composted horse manure. I have plenty of this as I raise horses. I filled the rest of the bed in with a soil mix I get from a local soil company - combination of mushroom compost, sand and bark fines. Once I planted last fall, I topped with some Nutrikote. This is very good fertilizer in that it, unlike Osmocote, slowly releases instead of dumping a lot of fertilizer when there is a big rain or lots of rain or lots of hand watering. I also, once, put on liquid fish emulsion. I watered religiously. I had plants that I just put out last fall grow like gangbusters. The blooms were magnificent! They are in full sun - one bed has a hoop house where I could cover from the hot afternoon sun, but due to watering well and the deep raised beds, the daylilies never missed a beat. They are green, lots of leaves, very healthy. I think my last bloom was the end of October! Had quite a bit of rebloom. I think the secret is a good raised bed and good soil and lots of watering with excellent sunlight and some fertilizing. I am ready to start building more beds!!

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They always seem to grow best in new ground. Common problems are too much shade and overcrowding. As others have noted, regular moisture is necessary for the best blooms. Daylilies can do very well in clay. In the north, they don't keep blooming and blooming. The pictures you see are often of well-established clumps. And pictures can be very, very deceptive.

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