Mirro canner leaking

naturenut_ohio(z6Ohio)August 1, 2009

Hello all, I have a mirro canner that I bought last year. I really have not used it alot as I had to buy all my veggies last year from the farmers market. This year we are growing our own for the first time. anyways, the last 2 batches of beans I notice water dripping from around where the lid meets the pot and drips through the whole 10 minute cycle until I put the weight on and the preasure builds up. Is this normal or is there a problem with the seal and I may need to buy a new one?

Thank you so much,


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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

Hi Amy - no it isn't normal and yes you may need a new one but try this first. Remove the gasket, the seal ring, and make sure there is no debris trapped under it. Then oil it lightly with a light vegetable oil like cannola or olive. Using your finger swipe just a bit of oil onto the metal inside of the lid before putting the gasket back in.

Doesn't always work but often does. If the leaking continues the I'd invest in a new gasket.


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I get this the first time I use my canner at the beginning of the season. Rubber gaskets dry and shrink and get stiff. If it happens, I bring it down to equilibrium, take the gasket out and do what digdirt says. But, I also stretch it as much as I can to limber it up and then replace it on the pot.

There is a mechanism in the pot designed to throw lock on when pressure builds. If you lift the lid on a mirro, you can see the hole and the piston in it. It is what makes your lid rattle when you handle it. The pressure pushes the piston up when it builds.....and it throws the lock down into the receiving slot on the handle of the pan. You will also notice if the lock is not engaged, you will find the steam escaping, often at this area because your lid is not locked down and often not seated just right. Mirros seem to be touchy in this respect. Sometimes if you just slide the lid a little when it is on the pot.....and snap it into place, the lock engages and the steam stops. The older the canner the more the proper lid placement seems to stray.

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Linda_Lou(SW Wa.)

You should not oil the gasket ! The oil will break down the compound on the new gasket materials.
You need to remove the gasket, place in hot water, then dry, stretch a bit, put it back in and see if that fixes it.

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Thanks Dave and Calliope, worked like a charm, I canned yellow beans today and had no leaking..

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Linda Lou, I didn't know that. When I replaced the gasket on my PC the last time (OK, it WAS several years ago), the directions in the package said to oil it.

Are they making gaskets out of something new now and maybe that's why?


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medcave(8 Tx)

The instructions that came with my new Presto 16qt say: "The sealing ring is prelubricated. If necessary, to help make the cover easier to open and close, a very light coating of cooking oil may be applied to the sealing ring and underside of the body lugs."

The sealing ring on my Presto appears to be made of the same plasticized rubber as on my 12 year old Mirro, so I doubt cooking oil would speed up deterioration of the seal a significant amount, if any. The instructions also say to replace the seal every 3 years anyway.

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