what's with all the different leaves on my one plant?

squidy(8a)May 4, 2011

I have a hoya carnosa. It is my first and only hoya and I haven't had it very long. And I was wondering: why does it have so many different kinds of leaves? It has a scattering of tiny white leaves, (sooo cute) some longer thinner leaves, some almost round leaves.. and about a month ago it started growing a bunch of new leaves, but they're not the same either! Most of them are HUGE, like 5-6 inches long while the average of the rest of its leaves is 2.5 inches. And there's one new vine I just noticed that has only Krimson Princess style leaves, (green edges, white center, no white at all touching the edges) when the rest of the plant is Krimson Queen. (any variegated leaves have the white primarily on the edges.) These Princess leaves are the most regular in size and shape, and are on the smaller side of the overall average for my plant, in contrast to the huge leaves that it's growing at exactly the same time elsewhere.

What is up with all of this???

By the way, this is seriously the coolest and WEIRDEST plant I've ever had.

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Sounds like, first of all, you have both 'KQ' and 'KP' that have been rooted together. 'KP' tends to have more consistent-sized leaves. The problem with 'KP' is that it tends to revert back to all green. 'KQ' leaves can be highly variable in size. From smallish to large (though 6" IS extraordinary!), and it will produce all white shoots now and then. They start out pink then fade to white. These leaves tend to be longer and narrower than the variegated leaves.

I love it too! It's interesting and beautiful!!

Denise in Omaha

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I have a topic in my blog about Q.P. two varigations
If you click on album yo can see some photos
Sorry I do not speak good English.

Tittle: curioso esqueje

Here is a link that might be useful: curioso esqueje

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Honestly I can't tell weather the Princess vine is actually attached to anything with Queen leaves. It is attached to one vine with all green leaves, (the whole plant has many all-green leaves) but that vine goes straight into the pot and I can't see if it's attached to anything else.

However, when I bought the plant, in talking to the employees I was shown a big old KQ and told that it was the source of all the hoyas they sold. I have never seen another type of hoya in that shop.

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rexedwardfairy(Zone 11)

Yeh, so this is normal for a single hoya yeh? Ie I have a Hoya Silver Pink and it isnt mixed with any other hoya. And its leaves are ... every size and width imaginable. There are some very long skinny leaves (1cm wide, 10cm long) and some short, fat leaves (3cm wide, 5cm long)..all leaves are variegated but sometimes there is a brown tinge to the variegation, while other times, its white. Even a pair of leaves coming out of the same node, but in opposite directions are completely different in their size and shape. That's why I'm on here, to see if it's some sort of deficiency, or if they are maybe like phal orchids that change their leaf shape and size depending on the amount of sun they get. So are we certain this leaf size and shape discrepancy is normal in hoyas and not some deficiency?

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