Crown Rot or something else??

ruthzOctober 28, 2013

I lost a few last year and this year lost 6, I believe.
At this rate I won't have any left.
Any suggestions for what the problem might be
Sometimes the heat seems to get to some and they die back, but come back as it cools down.
I don't believe any of these will be coming back up.


Art Gallery Fringe - in 5X8 raised bed
Cerulean Warbler - new last fall, in corner large flower bed
Lola Branham - in 5X8 raised bed
Royal Braid - had several years in large corner flower bed
Salty Skipper - new this spring in 20 to 25 gal. container with 2 others that are doing fine
Sherry Lane Carr - large corner bed, lost this last year and replaced it, put near where it was and lost again this year

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Lola Branham is a hard dormant . The hybridizer lives on a mountain ( climate zone 4) near Pittsburgh. I wouldn't expect it to do well in a zone 8 garden, and have had other deep south friends tell me they can't grow it. As for the others, I don't know!

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