Will it be a problem that the vine is growing this way?

squidy(8a)May 5, 2012

My camera is broken, so here (bellow) is a drawing. My little hoya callistophylla plant only had one leaf, but recently started a new vine coming out the top, and a new leaf.

Yay! I was afraid it would die so I am happy about this.

BUT, will it be a problem, in the future, that the vine is growing at such an extreme angle? Like will it put strain on that area when it starts getting heavy? Would you recommend training it up on a trellis, or letting it hang down, or what? (I kind of want to train it up..)

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First, that is an awesome little Hoya drawing and I hope your camera stays broken just so you keep illustrating for us. :)

I would train it. Sometimes the Hoyas grow at this awkward angle and it makes training kind of awkward. But it's workable in several ways. The good thing is that callistophylla is one of those Hoyas with the flexible woody stems that are very easy to loop around stuff and revise over time, so there's nothing to lose by experimenting.

I should also mention that absolutely nothing would go wrong if you just let it trail either. The whole vine would just eventually get heavy enough to slump over to the floor. And then reach up from there. I hear what you mean about the strain, but apparently those little node clusters can handle it. They always do. You just have to be gentle with them when you are manipulating the plant yourself.

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1. That is SUCH A CUTE DRAWING. Oh my god.

2. I would probably prop it up until I figured out what the crazy guy really wanted to do.

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And I would place another pot next to it (with soil in it) and see if the node with the leaf growing would lay on the soil and possibly take root. A lot of plants will root like this. Maybe end up with two plants.

Great drawing. Love it.

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Hoya art, in a hoya addicted community. Instant love C:

If you place a second pot and your node sends out roots, you wont have two plants. You will have one plant with extra root support (which has been recommended many times, but usually by eventually looping your vine down to the pot again.) There is only one node right now, so only one place for the plant to grow from. I'm a bit inexperienced when it comes to first hand knowledge but I don't believe hoya send up multiple 'shoots' from underground (unless, possibly if there is a node down there?).

This situation reminds me of myself! I'm always fussing and worrying over my hoya.

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It might well send up another shoot from the node underground - they often do this. If you severed the connecting segment between the two pots, plant 1 would certainly either do so or perish, as it would have nowhere else to grow from.

That said, if you really wanted to create a second plant (theoretically) I would wait until you had enough plant to give each a couple nodes and leaves to work with.

Not that you really asked our opinion on that subject. ;P

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