blooming again.

sheilahanne(5 -6)May 26, 2013

I am happy to report my old and slow hoya pubicalyx is about to bring forth its second bloom ever. I am a little frustrated with myself after reading the many forums posts as its seems that my hoya should be huge and well growing after the twenty years that I have had it but it has been slow to perform. What do I need to do? I have repotted it with potting mix suggested. I have given it as much light as my house can give it. ( I think this may ultimately be the problem).Sad in hoya land.

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Since it's budding up right now you must have done something right. :) I don't know what advice I can give you if you're giving it as much light as your house allows. Do you use fertilizer?

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sheilahanne(5 -6)

No, i was just watering them. I have kept this plant alive because it came from my family home.My mom had recieved it as a small cutting before she died and I loved the leaves. I only recently even knew what it was or lthat it would bloom.The bug hit me after that. I love it.I moved to a brighter location at the end of last summer. As well I cut it back and gave it something to twine itself around.. I am going to try some fertilizer. What do you suggest? I have another one as well that bloomed after ten years(i am not sure what kind it is though) after doing the same to it..PS I am quite new to the forum- I really have learned a lot from reading. Thanks.

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Aw, Shelia. You sound so bummed out! I think you can get away with growing your publicalyx in less-than-ideal light conditions. I have all mine growing in north windows and they still bloom. Hoyas are not low light plants, but some are able to work with less.

Repotting a non-performing plant is often all it needs to give it a kick. We repotted my mom's carnosa (which used to bloom, then stopped) last fall and it bloomed this spring on schedule. As far as fertilizer goes, many people here recommend Dyna-Gro Foliage Pro, and it would be perfect for your setup.

I truly believe you will have success! Good luck. :)

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Have you tried growing under lights? I have all mine under lights except the very largest one which I have trouble fitting under a light system.

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