Freezing Corn with the Husk on

MikenGina(z8)August 15, 2006

Here you go. We eat fresh corn cooked about six minutes in the microwave (two ears). We leave the husk on and use it for a handle to eat the corn. Has anyone tried freezing corn with the husk on?

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Linda_Lou(SW Wa.)

It is not a safety issue, but it can be a quality thing by not blanching. After a few months in the freezer, they can taste "cobby" if not blanched. Blanching is the recommended method because it retards the enzymes that cause spoilage and deterioration.

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ksrogers(EasternMass Z6)

The husks were used at the bottom of my pot to steam the corn and keep it away from the metal bottom, so it would burn. I must say that the husks imparted an awful taste into the corn. Now, I shuck and blanch the ears, quickly cool them, then cut the kernals off. Place into plastic bags in the freezer. There is nothing like super fresh tasting corn, especailly if the picking to freezing was within a couple of hours of each other. Some time ago I uses to just freeze the corn, and was always dissapointed as it is odd taste. The same held true for sting beans. I even froze broccoli and once it was in that state, all teh tiny buds would break off leave lots of green 'sawdust' at the bottom of the bag. Now, I blanch most all veggies before freezing. I would never have all that freezer space to hold so many useless corn cobs or the husks. Space is at a premium when it comes to my freezer.

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Alrighty then, we trust your advice and will shuck and blanch, cool, then freeze. It's kind of fun peeling it like a banana, but you know what? We can probably just leave a bit of stalk on the cob and still use it as a handle!! Thanks much for the tips! :)

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dgkritch(Z8 OR)

I have done both.
Sometimes I will still freeze some with husks on. I pull the husk back and remove the silk, then smooth the husk back up over the cob.
Love to toss these on the grill with a good steak. They steam right in the husk.
But.....the flavor is better blanched and cut off the cob.
And....I don't need so much dental floss! :+)

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