Has anyone done this or could anyone do it?

MarinewifencApril 22, 2013

Has anyone taken a photo each day from the day the hosta eyes appeared to be coming out of dormancy through at least the leaves unfurling, or longer.

i was looking online but had a hard time finding what i was looking for.

something like this, but with all days included and better pics.


Here is a link that might be useful: example

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Marinewife, that is an interesting site.
Thanks for the link.

To answer your question, no. It would be very interesting to have a time lapse camera taking shots in some fashion. But it is beyond my ability to deal with this degree of organization. I maintain a very erratic schedule, and this requires a fairly precise routine.

But, if it could be automated, I'd enjoy doing it, maybe a whole week of filming speeded up to watch in one hour. Very cool project.

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jan_on zone 5b

In the gardening segment of a local TV show the presenter was excited about a new camera - just set it up and set the timer. It will take a picture every minute, or every hour, or every day - whatever you wish. So you can watch flowers open, hostas grow, house being built........ I don't think it was very expensive. Fun. Watch for it!

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hmmm.....you mean like hosta time lapse.....link below

Here is a link that might be useful: interweb search - hosta time lapse

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Jan, what station was that? Reckon there is a link to what camera they used or referred to in the local show?
I'd be interested because there are so many many out there now.

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You'll have to be patient and wait just 1/2 year,
I've started time lapse photography on a H. 'Grand Slam'.
From the first pip until it will die back, somewhere in November.

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Rob, are you leaving the camera in place and turned on? What interval do you use between shots? And, just out of curiosity, do they continue to grow leaves at night?

I'd be interested in the setup you have. Is it outdoors, exposed to the elements, or through glass, how is the power supplied for that length of time? Thanks. Look forward to your feature film. :)

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I've put the hosta, which is in a pot, in a shaded spot outdoors. It won't be moved at all this year.
There are weatherproof time lapse cameras available on the market, but I decided to use my DSLR, a Canon Eos 550 (I believe it's called a Rebel in the States).
The camera is on a tripod. It is put in exactly the same spot every eveneing, just before sunset, using the same settings every night (100 mm lens, AV 5.6, automatic whitebalance). Of course there will be slight differences in whitebalance and position, but nothing that can't be fixed with Photoshop.
After a week (7 pictures) you can see the pips come out of the soil and grow.
I expect the first leaves unfurling in a day or 10.

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