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Brandys_garden(6)April 26, 2014

Many of my hostas are looking really good. A couple have cold damage but they are still coming in full and nice coloring. June has really spread out and gotten full in just two weeks. Minuteman is stunning and growing super fast in the 3 weeks since I put him in the nursery pot. Bressingham Blue already has a scape! Guacamole is twice as big as when I got it just 3 weeks ago. Krossa Regal is spreading out and more eyes emerging.

Bressingham Blue's scape

Guacamole today

Whirlwind Tour today

Krossa Regal today

June after a shower yesterday

June and Albomarginata are good friends and enjoy each others company

Blue Mouse Ears today

Fire Island has stunning color this year!

I look forward to Minuteman completely unfurling and filling out, too. And I am hopeful for my other 2 still under the grow lights. Wheee is stunning but I am waiting on it to unfurl just a touch more before a picture. It looks weird right now to me. It's only partially unfurled so it looks unbalanced. But, trusts me, she's stunning this year, too.

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Good show, Brandy. The leaves on your hosta are perfect. I love it when that happens.

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bernd ny zone5

After all that damage you had you are really doing great, congratulations! Bernd

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Looking good.

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Thanks, I am really pleased. The top leaves coming in on Albormarginata seem to be less cold damaged. So I am hoping they will cover up most of it.

I was at Walmart today and they FINALLY got hostas in. They have some new varieties they've never had before, too!! And some more variety in sizes. They have Golden Tiara which I am thinking of going and getting. I am pretty sure it's labeled right, too. I've been looking at pics of her online and they look the same. She's one of the smaller varieties, right? If so, she's a definite for me.

They also have First Frost, The Night Before Christmas, Brother something (not Stephen, it started with an F or H, I think), another small variety (it looks small to me) River something or Something River? I've never heard of it before. They had a lot of others and they said it's just their first shipment so who knows what else they'll have later?

* It was Brother Ronald.... I just remembered!

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