Buds on plant and frost on way

ohiovalleygardener(5/6)October 5, 2012

I have a plant I paid a dollar for during the summer at Lowes. Destined to see. It was in rough shape but looks great now. It has a beautiful scape with 11 buds on it. They are forcasting frost for Sun. night with temps in the mid to upper 30s. Will covering it save it or will the cold temps do it in? So want to see the blooms.

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worth a try

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Julia NY(6)

Unfortunately if your going to have frost, then the buds will be toast. You can cut the stem and put it in a vase of water inside. If the buds are mature enough, they will open. I've done this before when threat of frost was predicted.
I just cut about 10 scapes with buds today and brought them into our mudroom where it is warmer. We too are having predictions of frost Sunday night. Seems we are in for a real big cool down this weekend. I also just cut off a scape with seed pod on it to let it mature inside.

The choice is yours as to what you want to do.


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gardenofeden777(8a central Louisiana)

I would so want to see the bloom too! I would cover it each night to protect it and then uncover it in the morning. I have a new scape on a new plant also, Cosmic Odyssey. You better believe if frost threatens I'm gonna cover it up. :-)

Post a pic. of the blooms when they open!


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It's that time of year, isn't it? Several minis are covered with scapes and they're calling for frost later this week. Oh well! I knew their days were numbered anyway.

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Julia NY(6)

One of the scapes I cut yesterday was blooming this morning. I believe this is UP MILL CREEK.


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